The offshore QA outsourcing market is growing rapidly these days.

A number of American IT companies outsource their QA department to offshore vendors. BILT General Contracting LLC is happy to accept Offshore QA outsourcing and can give significant cost savings for the companies.

The benefits are not only related to cost savings, but offshore outsourcing can offer much more.

Some of the major advantages in working with BILT General Contracting LLC include

When we use the combination of onshore and offshore teams, the testing time sometimes gets cut down to half. With offshore outsourcing, you get the teams available across time zones. This indeed doubles up the effort and efficiency without increasing cost.

In countries like the US, the labor cost is very high. So, they can be benefitted from offshore outsourcing as the labor cost is considerably lower in other traditional outsourcing regions, generally with the same or higher level of qualifications and skills. So, the return on investment with offshore outsourcing is very high.

By releasing the internal resources and assigning time-consuming tasks to an external team, you are allowed to shift your focus on core business areas or take up new assignments

Outsourcing positions your organization in the middle of an additional global market. Our business will have an increased approach to global resources, knowledgebase, and skills, and earn publicity as well in the emerging markets.